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Schedule & Tickets For Perfume 2014 "3rd" Tour

Update 12/1/2014 Perfume has finished up the North American leg of their "3rd" World Tour. They currently have no North American concert dates scheduled. However, you can use the links below for constantly updating concert schedules.

Perfume announced North American dates for their 2014 World Tour "3rd". The North American leg of the World Tour "3rd" currently only has 2 concert dates. They will be in Los Angeles, CA at the Hollywood Palladium on November 9, 2014. The 2nd concert is currently scheduled in New York, NY on November 15, 2015 at the Hammerstein Ballroom.


Don't want to miss Perfume in concert? See Perfume in concert by using the link below for a constantly updated tour schedule. Perfume will likely add more concerts in the future:

Updated Perfume Concert Tickets & Schedule

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Updated Perfume Concert Tickets & Schedule

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The 2014 World Tour "3rd" tour is in promotion of their 4th studio album "Level3" (tracklist below), which was released in October 2013.

The album has peaked at #1 on the Japanese Albums & #4 on the Taiwanese International Albums & the Taiwanese J-Pop Albums charts.

Tracklist for the "Level3" album is as follows:

1. "Enter the Sphere"
2. "Spring of Life" (Album-mix)
3. "Magic of Love" (Album-mix)
4. "Clockwork"
5. "1mm"
6. "Title Converts to: Mirai no Museum; Museum of the Future"
7. "Party Maker"
8. "Title Converts to: Furikaeru to iru yo; I look back and you're there"
9. "Title Converts to: Point"
10. "Title Converts to: Daijobanai; I'm not okay"
11. "Handy Man"
12. "Sleeping Beauty"
13. "Spending All My Time" (Album-mix)
14. "Dream Land"